Friday, April 11, 2008

How much does love cost?

I was tuned out from the world being quite busy for the past few weeks. It was only yesterday that I learned about the Brian Gorell - DJ Montano thing. I honestly almost fell off my chair after reading Brian's blog!

Actually, I wasn't that surprised that the members of Gucci Gang are on drugs. Its pretty obvious that if you're partying your pretty behinds every night, you're either drinking your headlights off or your just addicted to the white stuff.

What I just can't get a grasp on is... how can Brian actually give $70,000 to a guy he barely knows? He borrowed from his mom, he sold his lovely farm, and he's HIV positive! Boy does he need money...

I remember after graduating college I was fortunate enough to land a great job at UP. I was employed as a science research specialist which paid very well. I was single then, no boyfriend. So I basically spent my money on basic stuff - food, some clothes, and some groceries for my family. No house rent, no utility bills, barely any unexpected expenses. It was a simple and abundant life. I even had pretty thick savings in my bank account.

And then I fell in love. We went out for dinner, watch movies, eat out, eat out some more... It was fun and we were both happy. And then he lost his job... I remember setting aside some of my earnings for his everyday expenses. Money became difficult during that time. My salary was good for me, but not for both of us. But we made it through... and unlike DJ, he paid me back as soon as he got another job. Gosh, I love him.

I think my point is, when you're in love, you just give everything. It feels so right to lose all else but not that one person that's so hard to find.

And yes, persons in love are the most vulnerable to scheming and deceitful people with no hearts and souls. But I pity people like DJ, wrapped in themselves, enslaved by drugs, blinded by pretentious fame... how will they ever find true love?