Friday, July 25, 2008


I said I won't use plastic... but I did, I did, I did! Hmmmph.

I used it for groceries and maternity clothes!

It's so hard to stop spending when you need new things. I rarely buy new clothes, but I have to buy lots now because I'm getting bigger by the day. All my pants don't fit! All my shirts don't fit! I even need new underwear!

I figured if I can't completely stop shopping, the best thing to do is to shop responsibly. Two days ago I went to Megamall to pick up my contact lenses. And lo and behold, temptation of all temptations... it was mid-year sale! Gosh! All those shoes on sale! (BTW, all my shoes don't fit either!) I went through the shoes section and caressed ever so longingly a lovely short-heeled strappy and studded sandals. But I had to say goodbye. It was so sad and painful.

What I needed urgently was new pants. So to the maternity section I marched without looking back. I found one comfy pair of pants that the sales lady said I could use until I pop my baby out. So there, I bought pants - they weren't on sale though.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Step 1: Don't use the credit cards

I have to start again. I have been in a state of panic for the past month and its not doing me any good. I just have to stop, breathe, and calm down. I never thought that I will ever be in my wits ends because of money. But I am... I mean was... I have to calm down now.

At the moment, we are financially ok. I still have some credit card debt but I can fully pay that within two months. Which means I can't leave my job yet. I still need the paycheck to pay off the debt and the extra money to save for the Siomai shop.

I have two credit cards, and I must say I have been a very responsible user. I fully pay my debt at the end of every month. I usually use my cards for groceries and for buying clothes. But, for now - NO PLASTIC! This will save me from incurring additional debt that I may not be able to pay on time after quitting my job. And, most importantly, this will restrict my shopping!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm Pregnant!

First baby for me and my hubby... just reached the 5 month mark. Haven't blogged lately because of the commotion over me having a baby and of course work. But I need to vent now.

I so want to quit my job really really soon, but I'm just scared. I'm not sure if we could survive with my husband's salary alone... actually I'm sure we won't - with the new baby. But I don't want to work and leave my baby, I want to take care of my baby.

I'm exploring to get into some home-based business.... but I'm just plain scared! There's so many things that can go wrong. Waaah! Here are my options:
  1. Open a siomai shop near our home, near a campus
  2. Open an online bridal store
I need to jump into something really soon or I won't be ready when my baby comes. Oh dear, I might as well go into both of these.