Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm Pregnant!

First baby for me and my hubby... just reached the 5 month mark. Haven't blogged lately because of the commotion over me having a baby and of course work. But I need to vent now.

I so want to quit my job really really soon, but I'm just scared. I'm not sure if we could survive with my husband's salary alone... actually I'm sure we won't - with the new baby. But I don't want to work and leave my baby, I want to take care of my baby.

I'm exploring to get into some home-based business.... but I'm just plain scared! There's so many things that can go wrong. Waaah! Here are my options:
  1. Open a siomai shop near our home, near a campus
  2. Open an online bridal store
I need to jump into something really soon or I won't be ready when my baby comes. Oh dear, I might as well go into both of these.

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