Friday, February 1, 2008

The 2010 Elections... eto na naman tayo!

The wonderful Ms. Janette Toral just started the ball rolling... only two years until the next elections... here we go again. I'm sure we normal Pinoys are hoping for the best for our country, we want good programs implemented, we want corrupt people hanged (aka all politicians save a few), and we want to live in a prettier Philippines. And the insights left through her blog just proves that Pinoys truly want the best for our country. But politicians especially those running for the presidency are not normal people... they're special. Hmmm... right now they're not thinking of good programs that they could potentially implement for the betterment of our people. Right now they're scheming how to win votes and of course how to cheat. I'm sure one of them will get married to a high profile tv personality before election comes. (I don't need to name him, we all see him in the market.)

Anyway, my hopes are still up. If ever I be elected as president of this blessed country I'd focus on three things. First, I'd pull out the weeds. Those who are sitting in departments that they know nothing about will be forced to retire and have nothing to do with public service. Second, implement environmental programs that would also improve livelihood in rural areas. Rehabilitate mangrove forests to improve marine life and sustain fishing communities, use IRRI's hybrid rice and ensure irrigation in farmlands, empower farmers to love the land they till through community programs (eco-farms, organic farming - w/c need not be expensive) and good credit programs, prioritize development of renewable energy technologies (we have lots of resources!), among many others. And third, improve education. Schools will be built and the shifting scheme will be abolished - this is supposed to be a short-term solution only. It's stupid that young kids are asked to go to school until 9pm. And better salaries for teachers and less for PMA students who are just building their egos in Baguio. I want to focus on the people, make them love our country and our heritage - which i think is key for our country's environmental rehabilitation, economic growth and peace.

Money, I don't see any problems with money if only they don't go into the the wrong pockets. Gov. Panlilio was able to make money for Pampanga - all other mayors and governors could do the same - make money for your constituents not for your families. The problem with local officials is that they're making public service their family business. They should be hanged for that!

Now, who to vote for? Who are running: Roxas, Villar, Legarda, Jinggoy, BF, Binay, etc? Its probably too early to tell. Some of them may still bang themselves in the head and realize that they're not qualified. You know what, I think this year I'll evaluate the candidates based on their mothers' character. If he does something stupid, at least his nanay could smack him right in the head. Wuhpaw!


Lester Cavestany said...

I also like Gov Ed Panlilio! He has set himself apart by not following the church and government's push for natural family planning. Although he is a Catholic priest, he doesn't impose his religious beliefs on his constituents and he continues to give them access to artificial birth control. He is a true respecter of our constitutional law on the separation of church and state.

BTW, Do you really think "they" will get married before the elections?

Pches said...

Lester Cavestany:
You are my first ever comment-er! Yey! Yey! Yey!

Talaga? I haven't heard that news about Gov Ed and family planning, but good for him (and his constituents too). I have to blog about family planning real soon... I have this cute story about it.

And YES! "they" will get married before the elections! I'm betting on it! ;)

Lester Cavestany said...

Wow, What an honor to be your first commenter :-)

I was surprised when I read about Gov Ed Panlilio too. I read it in the GMA7 website. I'd like to share it with you and your readers:

I hope more government officials will follow in his footsteps.